Why Choose Us?

When we opened our doors in 1981 in Limassol, Cyprus, we had a vision to make House and Garden one of the leading companies on plant imports, exports, plant production and to be the best quality provider of landscape design and consultancy, maintenance services on the island of Cyprus

More than thirty years later, we have now realized our vision both locally and internationally. Situated in approximately an area of 75,000 square metres, located on the outskirts of Limassol town in Cyprus, only a short distance from the harbour, House and Garden has built up a strong client portfolio over thirty years based on mutual trust. On this basis we have an extensive distribution network which allow us to provide our services on a worldwide basis.

Since the company has been established and over the years, House and Garden has become a quality provider of all its services in the field of landscape design, construction, maintenance and consultancy. The company is also a leader on imports of a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants from various European countries.

We specialize in designing, creating and maintaining customised gardens from small residential areas to the largest of commercial plazas. Covering a full range of services, the company is able to undertake any landscaping project from the very beginning until completion after which professional consultancy and maintenance services are provided.

From the smallest gardens to the grandest properties, we are passionate about gardens of all shapes, styles and sizes. Respecting the environment and especially the unique nature Cyprus has to offer, House and Garden, specializes in creating unique and spectacular outdoor living spaces according to the needs of its clients. Being a member of the green industry for over thirty years, it is only natural that we are committed to planting trees, using water wisely and protecting our natural resources.

Many of our clients return to us again and again over the years to landscape their new properties which recognizes the success of our efforts.